Darkness on the Eve of Light

I woke up this morning and it was gray . . . and cold.

I was tired . . . and old.

Do you ever get that feeling? You just can’t stand another happy cheerful jingle bell? Or you think, “I’ll show you a reindeer game!”

I began to think, “What if we took a day – in the middle of Advent – just to be ‘gray’?” Just stop the roller coaster of joy for just a bit and chill. This world is graaaaay! Shootings. Protests. Poverty. Crime. You name it, it’s dark! I’m a little like Charlie Brown.

Dark makes the light lighter. Jesus wasn’t born into a “marshmallow world in the Winter.”  His world was way dark, too.

I got to church and found online a sermon by Nadia-Bolz Weber  – a tattooed, pierced, wild-woman of a preacher that says things that we would all like to say but are too afraid to say. So, here’s part of what she says:

“Do we even WANT to make the path straight and prepare the way of the Lord, knowing, as we do, that he’s gonna definitely notice what a mess we’ve made of things? . . . maybe the turmoil in our world couldn’t be more Advent-y. Because if we think about it, the Christ child on whom we wait would be born in a land controlled by an empire that he was not a member of. He would be born in the midst of a system where the protection received from the powers that be were enjoyed by some citizens but not by others. Certainly not his mom, a homeless, unwed, pregnant teenager.  And when Jesus was born, it was such a threat to those powers that Herod slaughtered the children 2 and under in all the region just to try to wipe out the Prince of Peace. Those not protected by the system lost their babies. . . .Because when God came to us in Emmanuel, God chose to enter a time as violent and faithless as our own.  Jesus came to save sinners right smack in the middle of the mess they’d made of things.”

I guess the world has always been dark, we just choose to ignore it. We can’t ignore it. If we ignore the darkness, what do we have to repent from?

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