Wesley on Money, pt. 3

Here we go with the second rule. For some reason, I wasn’t feeling the bullet points this week.

Rule #2 – Save all You Can.

Once you’ve earned all you can without hurting your body, mind, soul, or the body, mind, and soul of your neighbor, then save all you can. Don’t waste your hard-earned money. There are plenty of people who do that! Do not waste your money merely to satisfy your selfish desires or to make yourself look better in the eyes of others.

Don’t waste you money on purely sensual pleasures. I’m talking about more than eating or drinking. This is about more than “getting fat” or “getting drunk.” There is a certain level of luxury that some people seem to seek that demands a considerable amount of money. Christians shouldn’t waste our money on such a high level of luxury, but we content with what we need. We can waste a lot of money in buying all that things society says we need, or should want – like expensive clothes, jewelry, furniture that is more show than function, etc.

We shouldn’t spend anything just to satisfy our pride, so others will envy us. The reason we spend so much – more often than not – is because we are vain. Many folks might compliment your clothing, commend your good taste and style. Don’t spend money buying their applause. Be content with God’s applause. Be content with God’s honor.

Would you continue to spend money on these desires if you knew that gratifying only makes them larger? Feeding them only makes them more hungry? The more you buy, the more you want. When you spend like this, your curiosity and attachment to these things only increases.

When you are buying something for other’s applause, you’re just buying more vanity. Don’t you already have enough? Do you really need more?

And – if it’s not wise to do this for yourself, it’s not wise to do it for your children! Why you fill them up with vanity and pride, and create insatiable desires?

This is really hard to say, but if you have a child that would just throw away their inheritance, don’t leave it to them. If you think you have to keep amassing wealth, just to leave more to your kids, and those kids are not wise, you’re tempting them into sin. Don’t do it.

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