Working It Out


As we approach 2016 General Conference, all the attention and anxiety is on whether or not we will change our Discipline paragraphs about homosexuality (click here for a Google search page – and get more information than you will ever want to know!). Before you get all worked up about “going to hell in a hand basket,” I want to remind y’all of some good things about our Church. This blog post was shared by a friend on Facebook called 5 Things the United Methodist Church is Doing Right

I’ve written about my feelings about “the gay thing.” I’ll sum it up for you: LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Period. End of debate. Sexuality is not something we control or choose, but part of who we are from birth; so, we shouldn’t exclude brothers and sisters in Christ from enjoying the blessings of God upon their union. Jesus clearly loved everyone he met, whether they were “clean” or “unclean” (the main distinctions his Jewish faith placed on who was accepted or excluded). No one was excluded from Christs’s love – ever! 

I can’t begin to predict what will happen at General Conference, but I hope the Holy Spirit moves us toward love and acceptance. No matter what happens, I’ll still be here when the dust settles. I am a “yellow dog” Methodist and always will be because of these reasons: My own reflections on why I am and always will be a United Methodist

I have tried to gather several sources about the sexuality debate at General Conference. There are a lot of them! These are a few that I have read:

  • Here are the latest words from our Bishop about what happens at General Conference. There is no opinion presented here, just the facts.
  • If you want more, go to this article from the official United Methodist Church website. CLICK ALL THE LINKS TO READ ALL THE DIFFERENT PROPOSALS! They’re printed in red – like Jesus said them!
  • Adam Hamilton sums up my thinking on the matter. I wish I could communicate my thoughts as well as he does! He is writing a series of blog posts about the issue. Part one, about the Bible and Homosexuality, is here. Part two, reccommending 5 things the General Conference could do about the issue, is here.
  • If you think the proposals are complicated – add this to the mix – General Conference will begin with a debate on how to debate! Check it out here.

If you get tired of reading, just pray! Or . . . Maybe just skip the reading altogether.


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